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Maison Blanché  
Lokhandwala Mumbai 

Project Client :Eka Lakhani 

Project Type : Interior residential 

Area :850  Sq ft

Project status : Completed

 This cozy 720 sq. ft home in Lokhandwala, Mumbai, combines Scandinavian and mid-century modern styles for a designer who creates clothing for Bollywood's elite but maintains a simple, nonchalant lifestyle herself. The space features ancestral elements, old-school wainscoting, and abundant greenery, filling it with a feminine energy.

Designed for one, this luxurious home includes all the essentials of urban living, where lifestyle takes precedence over occupancy. It offers a respite from city chaos, immersing its inhabitant in tranquility. Walking through the main door provides a sense of home, leaving behind the troubles of city life and long workdays.

Expect natural materials, muted colors, clean lines, and minimal yet well-curated furnishings. Teakwood, concrete, and stone offset the warmth of neutral tones and organic finishes. Visual connections were maximized through spatial planning by realigning walls and reorienting the access of two rooms to create a large master bedroom. The 2 BHK space was transformed into a massive 1 BHK with a living room that opens into a kitchen and bar, a reading/working nook, guest bathroom, master bathroom, and a master suite leading to a walk-in closet with a vanity setup.

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