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FORT, Mumbai 

Project Client :  Madan Mohan Temple  Trust

Project Type : Architecture / Interior

Area : 12000 sq ft

Project status : Under Construction 

Madanmohan haveli is a 250-year-old haveli (temple) which needed immediate restoration & refurbishment when the project was given to us. Maintaining the laws of heritage structures of Mumbai, the elevation had to be redesigned as per exiting facade. The 3-story haveli has now changed into a 6-story haveli building keeping all the Rajasthani influenced elements like frescoes intact.

The concept of the interior was to make the temple with a fusion of modern and traditional Rajasthani elements. Jharokhas have been placed in the interior in a position to get a centralise the view of the idol. Partitions is designed in traditional cut jaalis in patterns representing the folk art of Rajasthan. Johad - traditional rain water harvesting system has been installed around the complex. Pure Makrana marble has been used to make the base for the entire ornamentation of the haveli. Traditional carved doors have been made with arches.

The haveli will be finished with 2 multi-purpose halls which will be open for public functions, with in-house kitchen and living quarters and a barn housing 3 cows.

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