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Juhu, Mumbai 

Project Client :  Kanbai Trust

Project type : Interior Multipurpose Hall

Area : 20,000 Sq ft 

Project Status : Completed

The area of Juhu needed a multipurpose hall that could accommodate more than 700 people and would be affordable compared to the 5 start hotels around. A simple yet sophisticated hall is designed keeping in mind the budget constraint and needs of the trust. Today it's one of the most successful banquets in the area accommodating more than 1000 people. The space has not only been helpful to the community around, but also the trust who have achieved exceptional profits from the project.

Simple hues and textures are used to visually enhance the multipurpose hall. The ceiling is designed to showcase unobstructed and seamless height. Structural elements have been designed to not only provide support but also to conceal the services.

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