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Juhu, Mumbai 

Project Client :  Kanbai Vidyadham Trust

Project type :Architecture ,Interior, Landscape  and Liasioning

Area : 1,50,000 Sq ft 

Project Status : Completed

There was an existing structure on the site, which consisted of a government aided school (G+2) and a girl’s hostel (G+3).  Due to the heavy demand of the time, the clients wanted a massive expansion to the education complex.  Addition, alteration to existing structures and horizontal and vertical further expansion to the structure were proposed. An entire new college building (G+5) was built as a part of the horizontal expansion to the structure. Three floors were added above the hostel building and two floors were added above the school building as a part of the vertical expansion. A 10,000 Sq Ft banquet hall was proposed on the ground floor for the economic benefit of the trust which could accommodate more than 10000 people. The elevation was designed in a way that the old structures and the new expansions looks like a single solid entity on site. The total area of expansion was 12000 Sq Ft. The college has been designed to accommodate 3000 students in different faculty courses, with amenities like computer room, common sports room admin area ext. The additional floors built above the hostel had 4 bedded rooms on the side and a central common corridor. This would totally accommodate 400 students. Two floors above the school were designed into 19 classroom and world class amenities that would accommodate a total of 900 students in the school.   

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