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Area :6000 Sq Ft

Project Status : Completed

Project Client :  Mr Walia & Family 

Project type : Architecture & Interior 

A villa in Nashik for a unit family, who wanted to renovate their exiting bungalow. We started from the very basic. We first designed the brief that was suitable for the client as per his requirements. It followed with making the basic functional zoning of the spaces that would cater to the maximum usages of the space.  The planning and circulation were fixed keeping in mind the human comfort and strategies to reduce the energy consumption of the building.  The bungalow was designed using linear straight lines to identify with the topography around.

The linear concept is extended into the building envelop that could be seen in the elevation of the building.  Monochrome colour palette of white and brown was selected for the project. Wooden fins with a background of white paint gives the building the modern charm it required.

The interior is luxurious and simple using exquisite bath ware, Italian marble flooring, contemporary lighting & oak veneer finished furniture. Oak finish veneer with yellow lighting is seen in the living spaces. Upholstery and curtains would add the pinch of colour required to make it visually soothing.

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